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My Story

As an at-risk teenager turned assistant principal, I never thought I would one day be the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. I certainly never thought I would then go on to write a book about it and speak to thousands of people about my experience. But my passion for life’s “Aha” moments and my decision to go “All-In” to achieve my goals hurdled me in the direction that has led to where I am now.

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An Unlikely Entrepreneur

Jon never set out to be a CEO. In fact, he never set out to do much of anything until football redirected his troubled adolescence into something productive and regimented. As a middle school teacher, Jon lived for the moments when he could help other kids find their path. This passion propelled him into administrative roles, and to a deep understanding of the gaps in our education system. Understanding turned into inspiration. Inspiration turned into a real idea. That idea turned into a multi-million dollar company.  Want to know the whole story?

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jon's high school gpa

Not impressive. He lacked commitment and support - two things he would later understand are critical to success.



growth in the 1st year

Growth can come at you fast, but it’s how you handle it personally and professionally that really counts.



students Impacted

The goal was always to help support both teachers and students on their path to learning and comprehension.


When you first meet Jon, it is apparent how passionate he is about business and helping others. His willingness to share his insight, knowledge and experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs is both insightful and incredibly generous.

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